WebSite Builder

From simple one page brochures to robust e-commerce websites, our packages allow novices to create and manage unique high quality websites. With an MS Word like Web Page Editor, you can create websites in a matter of minutes. Our Website Builder plans include everything that you need to get your website up and running on the internet.

We have plans to fit all types of web sites. Website templates for personal web pages,small business web pages, blogs, and ecommerce websites.
Not only is SiteBuilder one of the quickest ways to build a web page, this powerful webtool includes a variety of other powerful features to help you drive qualified website traffic and convert it into online sales! In addition to helping you design your own website, nanosecond delivers secure, reliable web hosting and can help increase your traffic, sell online, accept credit card payments and more!
  • Easy to Use Five Step Wizard— Step-by-step wizard with supported Drag and Drop allows end users to create the design, structure, edit the content, define parameters and publish awebsite.

  • Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor —Allows end-users to easily edit website content without any HTML skills or knowledge.

  • 500 Quality Templates —Nanosecond's Website Builder includes hundreds of high quality design templates divided by categories for more convenient navigation and tutorials on how to create and add custom templates and skins.

  • Many Modules — Modules make Sitebuilder even more powerful and flexible; included modules are: SitePal, Blog, Image Gallery, Guestbook, eShop, Forum, Feedback,Registration, RSS Reader, Voting, Script, Area Map with Google Maps,File Download, SiteMap, External Page, and Flash Intro.

  • Site Owner Admin Panel —Enables site owners to administer several websites by providing them with capabilities to manage site statistics, create new sites, manage existing ones,configure profile, and manage e-shop orders and more.



In a climate of rapid change, it is often easy to lose site of organizational goals and become entangled in the overwhelming issues involved with the implementation of new technologies. Integration of computer systems, database management tools, and networkconfigurations, along with a host of other issues, require significant investments of time and expertise, which are typically unavailable during an initial implementation.

Nanosecond offers a comprehensive set of system integration services geared toward minimizing your IT cost of ownership while providing seamless integration to your existing enterprise IT environment.
  • Global architecture assessment
  • Baseline architecture diagnostic and design
  • Project definition and assessment
  • Integration deployment



Computers have been around for a while, yet only 45% of the public has recently begun to use the computer for both home and buisness. No matter what basic you need to learn or just brush up on, we have theclass for you.

Beginner& IntermediateCourses SpecilizedCourses
BasicComputer Use
MS Word 
MS Excel 
MS Powerpoint 
MS Outlook
MS Access
Necessary Internet skills
How to: Do  Internet Research
Technology to Help Students Succeed
How to Setup a LAN Party
Make Phone Calls over the Internet
Video Editing on your Computer
Editing Photo's on your Computer
Computer tools for Parents
Build Your Own Desktop PC
Computer Security 101
WiFi Security 101
Computer Viruses 101
Web Search 101 Course
Case Mods and PC Gadgets
Microsoft Access
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Flash Animation
Graphic Design
3D Design
Game Design
Learn HTML
Learn PHP
Learn Cold Fusion
POS(point of sales) Training
Build a Working Computer
Computer skills for the Small/Home Business



Is your computer acting up, slowing down or just giving you a blue screen. We can help repair or upgrade your machine to be all that it "SHOULD" be. We have access to parts at or below the cost of most chain stores. Our A+ Computer Repair Certified Technicians will repair or upgrade your machine in a timely manner and make sure that your machine gets back to you funtional and in one piece, unlike so called "nerdherds"  that can take days and even weeks to repair simple problems.  Need Custom hardware or software? Come in and see what we can do for you. In-house or on-site services available*. We repair most brands.
  • ACER
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • Emachine
  • HP
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Gateway
  • Alienware



The Internet is not as clean and nice as some people try to make it out to be. As you surf the internet your computer picks up small bits of this "GARBAGE", either by where you visit or some hacker directing their attack at you personaly. This "GARBAGE" is polluting your computers software, documents, music and pictures, slowing down your computer or worse, deleting your files. Our team will neutralize the virus, spyware or malware that your system has on it. If you have already lost data, let us recover it and protect you against further attacks.*



If you have more than one computer in your home or office, chances are you must share an internet connection. Networking computers together can make your home or office run smoother and allow you to Share data, internet connections, or play games together.



Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media such as hard disk drives, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and other electronics. Data recovery is needed when it cannot be accessed normally. Your data, music, videos, pictures, and documents can be recovered and burned to a CD or DVD for your convenience and future storage.

Everyhard drive will fail someday. If you don't have your data backedup, everything you've ever created, installed or downloaded could be lost forever...Uour digital photos, music, videos, buisness documents,databases, time-sensitive projects, etc. Trying to reconstruct your data will be difficult or impossible. Don't waste your valuable time and energy when Nanosecond can have you up and running in almost no time at all. Once we recieve your media, we can recover your data and get it back to you in as little as 24 Hours.

Supported Hardware Types
  • IPOD/IPHONE/MP3 Players
  • Desktop Data Recovery
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Digital Cameras
  • Removable Drives 
  • Flash Drives
  • Tape Drives
  • Server / RAID Drives
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • UNIX
  • OS/2
  • Mac

Service Plans

Service Level Turnaround Description
after reciept

Recovery begins upon receipt of drive—365 days of the year, including nights, weekends and holidays.

Status provided within 3 hours of drive receipt.

Team works without interruption until job is complete.

STANDARD 1-2Business Days
after reciept

Fastest Standard turnaround time in the industry.

Completed during normal business hours.

ECONOMY 5-10Business Days
after reciept
Competes directly with higher priced Standard diagnosis / turnaround times offered by other companies.

Security Plans

Security Type Available With Description
HIGH SECURITY Standard or Priority Turnaround Times Only

After signing a Confidentiality Agreement, engineers who have government security clearance will perform recovery in a locked, secured area.

Restored data is shipped on two different media forms via two different couriers to insure safe delivery.

Any of our Turnaround Times

Engineers create sector-by-sector image of encrypted data.

Data can be returned decrypted or fully encrypted.

ON SITE Priority Turnaround Time Only Engineers will perform recovery directly at your location.



Even computer hard drives and computers retain data even after cleaning and formatting. Don't let your data fall into the wrong hands. We will remove and clean your drives of "ALL" data, using military grade software and hardware to make sure no one can reclaiml any of your data. After you put your computer in the trash, give it to someone,resell it - Your data can still be stolen. Identity thief is a growing crime that can use even simple documents to damage your credit, steal your life or worse; get you falsely accoused of crimes.



The benefits of paperless office technology in your office can be agreat resource that will benifet your company in so many ways. A way to store, retrieve, and distribute documents and folders in electronic form rather than paper form. A centralized, single repository for all of your documentation (client, employee, vendor,etc.). Documents/Folders that are indexed for easy and rapid retrieval. Documents and information that is secured and accessible only to specified individuals or groups. No matter the size, we can get you up and going with this great technology that saves time, effort and frustration of lost items.



Getting a good website should be easy, right?

When you hand over a website design project to Nanosecond, we take care of everything for you. We can handle everything from concept to design to programming to hosting to maintenance and promotion. We do all of this because you have more important things to do - like run your business.



We will find you a name for your website and register it so that your website has its unquie name and address.
Is the site name already taken? Allow us to neogotiate for the domain name.



We can create for you, website banner ads or graphics for advertising, products, services, events or any thing you like.
Below are the standard size and configurations of banner ads. If not listed below please contact us, to find what will best suit your needs.
  • Wideskyscraper     160 x 600
  • Skyscraper         120 x 600
  • Half-pagead       300 x 600
  • Fullbanner        468 x 60
  • Halfbanner        234 x 60
  • Microbar          88 x 31
  • Button1           120 x 90
  • Button2           120 x 60
  • Vertical banner     120 x 240
  • Square button       125x 125
  • Leaderboard        728 x 90
  • Medium rectangle    300 x250
  • Square pop-up       250x 250
  • Vertical rectangle  240 x 400
  • Large rectangle     336 x 280
  • Rectangle          180 x 150
  • Black and White
  • Full Color
  • Animated(simple)
  • Animated(complex)
  • Interactive
  • Pay per click
  • Advertising
  • Ad serving
  • Internet marketing
  • Pop-up ad
  • Hover ad
  • Live banner
  • Web button



A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they own. This is called colocation. Nanosecond's server's are located in a secure building within our offices. This insures your data is physically protected and access only to authorized personel.



We can create a unique domain for your email and assign users under that domain so that you provided a professional email address. We will find you an email domain name that represents you or your buisness.  Assign one email address or hundreds to your email domain, each unique to the person or department they represent.
Example; OR



Database design is the process of producing a detailed data model of a database. This logical data model contains all the needed logical and physical design choices and physical storage parameters needed to generate a design in a Data Definition Language, which can then be used to create a database. A fully attributed data model contains detailed attributes for each entity.
The term database design can be used to describe many different parts of the design of an overall database system. Principally, and most correctly, it can be thought of as the logical design of the base data structures used to store the data. In the relational model these are the tables and views. In an object database the entities and relationships map directly to object classes and named relationships. However, the term database design could also be used to apply to the overall process of designing, not just the base data structures, butalso the forms and queries used as part of the overall database application within the database management system (DBMS).



After setup, our online backup software for servers is fully automated. At the time you specify, your server files and folders are automatically backed up and protected. Each time you backup your server:
  • Compresses the selected server data
  • Encrypts the selected server data
  • Transmits the data to our secure off site data center
  • Sends an email to you to confirm the server backup status



Turn old memories into new money.
Nanosecond Consignment Auctions makes eBay easy!

If you've ever shopped at a brick-and-mortar consignment store or actually sold some items through one, you'll be familiar with how Nanosecond Consignment Services works.

Nanosecond Consignment Auctions specializes in providing online consignment services to eBay sellers throughout the Carson Valley Area. The process couldn't be easier, and our specialists workhard to ensure that your old memories become new money for you.

Step 1: Drop it Off, or We'll Pick It Up.
Step 2: We Sell Your Item on eBay.
Step 3: You Get a Check!

So what are you waiting for? If you're interested in selling on eBay but aren't sure how to do it, or if you simply would rather not go through the trouble of doing it yourself, call us today.



Authorized Represenative
Mobile Internet         Home Internet         Digital Voice

Clearwire &© Delivers a mobile high-speed internet connection that's unlike anything you've experienced: it's mobile, totaly fast and requires zero installation. Just take it out of the box, plug it in and you're surfing high speed, anywhere in our coverage area. It's an instant connection for instant gratification. From mobile High-Speed Internet to unlimited Digital Voice phone service, nobody keeps you connected like Clearwire.

Nanosecond offers many packages to suite all your needs. From Economy to Full packages with both internet and digital phone service.



Authorized Represenative

Digital Phone Service

Charter Telephone© gives you all the phone features you expect without all the extra charges and fees. For one low price you get unlimited local and long distance calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The Charter Telephone is supplying a premium, consistent housing voice service through the personalor buisness broadband set-up. Our voip service is containing unrestricted domestic and extensive distance calling in whole U.S.A and Canada.  Charter's telephone service has lots of flexible features on very low rate like; Call Waiting, Caller recognition, Voicemail, and many others. The Charter voip is also giving 911 urgent services without any extra charge.